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JoVan Stroop (JV), is a self-­taught digital artist / fashion designer based in Harlem, NY. Fueled by the desire to express himself through creativity, Jovan discovered his artistic talent through sheer accident and circumstance

In 2006 he designed a t-­shirt with a simple design and slogan that read “Don’t feed the pigeons” and on the back “No Bread & No Seeds”, the idea and premise behind the design was more than meets the eye. He then began making similar designs which used a play on words and have dual meanings and interpretation giving birth to his clothing line entitled This Respek Wear because as he explained “My designs are like Respek (Respect), Respek is something earned not given”. He carved out a niche for himself with a grass roots approach and sold 100 shirts in his first week on the street alone and then launched his online store. He collaborated with Wu-­‐Tang artist Raekwon and has also been featured in numerous publications like the Source Magazine, Complex and XXL. Through the process Jovan has always stayed true to his desire to be and think “outside the box”.

During his process Jovan decided that fashion wasn’t the only industry he wanted to tap into. His thought process was why not take the same designs and artwork that people love to wear and convert it to physical art pieces. So with his passion for creativity Jovan began to create art work that not only expressed his emotions and feelings but pieces that grab the attention of others, that would start dialogue and social conversation of politics, culture and life. This gave birth to his art brand known as This Respek Art. His works have been displayed at numerous art fairs like Art Basel and exhibitions at the Harlem State building, Casa Frela and the Bad Boy Reunion pop up shop in LA just to name a few. Jovan’s work displays his purpose to blend both the world of fashion and art and create works of art that posses a deeper meaning and understanding that people will value and appreciate.

“Creativity is a contagious passion; it inspires ideas which in turn inspires change”, In order to change we have to learn to respect each others ideas and feelings and like art even if it doesn’t mean anything to you it could mean everything to the next person.




- The Black Art Expo, Art & Sol Studios, Miami Florida
Harlem Coffee Company "Featured Artist of August", Harlem NY
- Art Basel Miami, Gallery 88 "Entwine Exhibit", Miami Florida


Art Basel, The Art Factory Art Exhibit, Miami Florida, 3-person exhibit
Bad Boy x Invisible Bully Bad Boy Reunion tour pop-up shop, New York &   Los Angeles, Solo Exhibit
Casa Frela Art Gallery, Harlem NY, Solo Exhibit
Harlem State Building Art Gallery, Harlem NY, Solo Exhibit
Harlem Library, Harlem NY, Solo Exhibit
World Money Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY, 5-person Exhibit


 - Afro Punk 2015 pop-up shop, Brooklyn NY, Solo Exhibit
Notorious BIG Brunch Tribute, Milk River Brooklyn NY, Solo Exhibit
The Notorious BIG Birthday Tribute hosted by Little Cease, Milk River Brooklyn NY, Solo Exhibit
Essence Street Style Block Party pop-up shop, Brooklyn NY, Solo Exhibit



    Revolution Bookstores
    437 Malcolm X Blvd
    New York, NY 10037

    The Club by Dominik Mager
    2276 Frederick Douglass Blvd
    New York, NY 10027

    Harlem Burger CO.
    2190 Frederick Douglass Blvd
    New York, NY 10026

    Milk River Lounge
    960 Atlantic Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    Harlem Cigar Room
    3456 Broadway Ave
    New York, NY 10031

    436 Lenox Avenue
    New York, NY 10037


    Art & Sol Studios
    310 NW 25th St
    Miami, FL 33127


    Apt. 4B
    517 N Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

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